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  • We will publish a real time sample data from different sources/business and will ask you to create data solution from it.
  • Solution should consist of Documentation, PowerPoint-presentation covering the idea in detail and sample POC(Proof-of-Concept) showing feasible technical implementation of it.
  • This will help you to showcase your data analytics skills and connect you with data-analytics domain.
  • Best solution providers will get chance to present their data solutions in Kaperse-Data-Summit to showcase talent to the world, and win prizes & exciting work opportunities.

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Data-Challenge January-2017:

Online-Shop/E-Commerce/Supermarket Data : Analyse sales/bills data and make use of it to design data analytics solution which will help supermarket owners to – grow their business, manage inventory efficiently, satisfy customer, find shopping pattern, people also bought this etc.


Note: This is sample data for illustrative purpose. Actual data can be in GB’s/TB’s. You can add, copy-paste similar records to make¬†precise data.

Last date to submit : 20th January 2017

Reference Article: Industry and Analytics